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What containers do we have for sale?

Our offer includes many types of containers for sale, including sea, refrigerated, office, storage and technical containers. All our containers meet specialized standards and are made of very high-quality materials, thanks to which they can serve for many years. Our containers can also be used for other purposes – our specialists will help to make appropriate modifications so that the container is tailored to your needs.

The purchase of a container at TEKTRUM is carried out in a few simple steps. First of all, we invite you to fill in the online form or contact our consultant by phone. We will present our offer and help you choose the appropriate container model. After the purchase, we will transport the container to the chosen place.


See what containers you can buy

We offer storage, refrigerated, office, marine and technical containers. Do you want to buy a different type of container? Call us and describe your requirements – we will discuss the details and present you an offer tailored to your needs.


Storage Containers

Find out more about storage containers.


Refrigerated containers

Check what refrigerated containers we have on offer.


Office Containers

Do you need an office container? Click here for details.


Sea Containers

Are you looking for a sea container? Check out our offer.


Technical containers

Check the specification of technical containers in our offer.

How is the container purchase process going?

We care about customer contact, which is why we present our container purchasing process.


Submit an inquiry online or call a consultant


The consultant will present our offer


Signing the contract for the sale of the container


We will deliver the container to the selected location

Which containers do you want to buy?
Choose the containers that interest you – we will get back to you with an offer within 24 hours.

Have a question? Contact us and we will surely help you!